Cinnamon Cola

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 1/2 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

Pour schnapps into collins glass filled with ice.
Fill with favorite soda.

Cherry Martinsen

Cocktail Ingredients:
4 oz Cherry brandy
8 oz Coca-Cola

Mix in the brandy and then the coke.

Cherry Comfort

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz Southern Comfort 100 proof
4 oz Cherry coke

Pour about 4 oz of your favorite Cherry Cola into a cup.
Add about 1 shot (1 oz) of Southern Comfort 100.
Ice is optional.

Cherry Cola

Cocktail Ingredients:
3/4 oz Spiced rum
3/4 oz Amaretto
Fill glass with cola

Combine and stir

California Root

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz. Galliano
1 oz. Kahlua
2 oz. Club Soda
1 oz. Cola

Pour liqueurs into old fashioned glass filled with ice.
Add club soda and cola.
Stir will.

Cuba Libre

Invented in Havana the Cuba Libre stands for “free Cuba”. The difference between this and a regular rum and coke is the lime.

Cocktail ingredients:
2 oz. Dark Rum
Lime or Lemon wedge

Pour rum over ice cubes in a collins glass. Fill with cola and squeeze lime or lemon wedge into drink and drop into glass.