Odeon Casino

Cocktail Ingredients:
3 oz. Champagne (chilled)
3 oz. Peach Juice
dash Peach Schnapps

In large wine glass mix Champagne and peach juice.
Top with Peach Schnapps.

Odd McIntyre

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz. Brandy
1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. Lillet
1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

Shake well with cracked ice.
Strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Ocean Breeze

Cocktail Ingredients:
2 oz Vodka
2 1/2 oz Club Soda
1 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice

In a highball glass pour the ingredients over ice and stir then drink.

Old Fashioned

Originating in the early 1800’s the Old Fashioned may be the first drink to be called a cocktail. It is traditionally served in a short glass now called an Old Fashioned glass.

Cocktail Ingredients:
2 ounces rye whiskey
1 sugar cube
3 dashes Angostura bitters
club soda

Place the sugar cube in an Old-Fashioned glass. ADD 2 or 3 dashes of Angostura bitters and a splash of water or club soda. Crush the sugar with a wooden muddler OR strong spoon. Rotate the glass so that the sugar grains and bitters give it a lining. Add a large ice cube. Pour in the rye (or bourbon). Serve with a stirring rod. Garnish with an orange slice or cherries.